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Hansen Health Solutions came out of an understanding that healthcare is not failing for a lack of knowledge.

Current research gives us a very clear idea of what it takes to be healthy, and while it’s vital to stay at the cutting edge of scientific research and understanding in healthcare, the reality is; If you are health conscious there is no healthcare system designed for you.

That’s the problem we are solving at Hansen Health Solutions. We are redefining what it means to have a healthcare team and how you interact with them.

We have an integrated facility which means there’s a variety of practitioners and specialists across the healthcare field, and we aren’t just under the same roof; We are a highly coordinated team, working together in unison for you. That means no more going between doctors to try and coordinate your care, no more conflicting messages from different practitioners, no more trying to explain what one practitioner said to another, and no more confusion about who’s recommendations are the priority.

Rather than a 7-minute office visit with a quick prescription, we spend as much time as is necessary on the front end to get a real understanding of your situation and what the real causes of your problems are. This also ensures the results you are looking for on the back end. We work your case as a diverse team, we present you with a unified message, we give you an integrated and comprehensive plan that is prioritized across all areas, and we make sure that you are hearing a singular voice so you can take real action.

At Hansen Health Solutions we provide:

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