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IV Treatment

IV Treatment in San Antonio

IV treatments are an effective way to receive quick nutrient delivery because the nutrients are going directly into the bloodstream.  In normal situations, a person would be able to obtain nutrition through foodstuffs being broken down and absorbed through the gut, however, there are more and more people who experience leaky gut syndrome or have dysbiosis in the gut, which makes it incredibly difficult to properly digest and absorb nutrients.  IV treatments can address nutrient deficiencies even more quickly than eating a healthy diet alone because of the dosage that can be administered and the short time frame it takes to absorb in the body.  There is a wide range of applications from nutrients, to detoxification and heavy metal chelation, ozone therapies (which increase oxygen in the bloodstream and oxygenate the body systemically), and hydration.  Some common medications actually create problems with nutrient absorption and certain situations, such as dealing with high amounts of stress, deplete the body of specific nutrients at a faster rate.  People who have weakened or poor immune system function, stress, or infections (bacterial or viral) will see improved healing in a shorter amount of time than without IV treatments.  Many people forget that on the path to nutrient deficiencies, before being aware that the tanks are “half full”, one can benefit from preventative IV treatments as well.  Our goal should be to not allow ourselves to get to the stage where it becomes an emergency and we should take preventative action steps to ensure that we are able to take care of ourselves, our family, be productive and not miss work, and do hobbies.  IV treatment can be a very effective way to not only come back to good health but to stay healthy always.

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