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Custom Lab Testing

Lab Testing In San Antonio

Wondering what nutrition is best for you or if you are deficient in specific nutrients?  Wondering if you are toxic from previous exposure to things in the workplace, your home or even from genetic inheritance (absorbing toxins in utero from mom and dad)?  Are your hormones in balance or have you been told they are and you still feel bad?  Testing is the best way to learn specifically what the answers to these questions may be.  The other important thing to do is to have the appropriate ranges to compare your lab results.  At Hansen Health Solutions, we don’t only know to do testing, but we also run the appropriate tests and look at the results with a holistic perspective in mind.  

We have seen far too many patients report to us from other specialists and doctors who have been victim to one (or more) of the following circumstances:

  1. A patient is required to have lab testing performed and never provided with the results of the test;
  2. A patient has tests run, the physician provides the report to the patient but does not go over the results or what they mean for the patient;
  3. A patient has lab tests done that provide inadequate or poor information and leaves the patient confused and the doctor unable to appropriately treat the patient;
  4. The physician doesn’t do any lab testing and the patient suffers on with debilitating health conditions, getting referred from one doctor to another who are each playing a guessing game.  

Some lab testing is covered by insurance and other labs are not, however, the least expensive option is the one that provides correct information quickly so that the patient can take action and make progress towards improving his or her health.  At Hansen Health Solutions, we utilize a variety of lab testing such as comprehensive hormone panels, adrenal panels, micronutrients, metabolism, gut panels, labs that test for oxidative stress, specific nutrient deficiencies, neurotransmitters and many more.  Our qualified team looks at the lab results together and explains thoroughly to each patient the results so that the patient is empowered to make healthful decisions moving forward.

If you need lab testing done in San Antonio, TX. Please give us a call and schedule an appointment. 


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