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Primary Care

1. Our allegiance is to the patient, not the insurance company, pharmaceutical company, special interest, sham research, etc. If your situation needs more time, you get more time. If something is right for you, it's right for you whether an insurance company pays for it or not. We care about what is really going to work for you. 

2. We spend extra time on the front end to make sure that you get results on the back end, quickly and easily. A standard intake in our office can last up to 2-3 hours, which makes us 10x more effective in treatment. Compare that to the standard medical visit, which is 7 minutes on average; just enough time to hear a few symptoms and throw a medication at them. 

3. We practice coordinated healthcare. No more going between doctors, trying to tell one what the other said, or trying to prioritize potentially conflicting or outright contradicting recommendations. It can be hard enough to understand one doctor, multiple is practically impossible. So, we'll handle that for you. Our proprietary "Round Table" process allows our team of practitioners to discuss your case on the back end, formulating an integrated, coordinated, cross-prioritized plan for you, all communicated to you with a unified voice. 

4. We stay directly connected to quality science and research as it happens, and are fast to adapt to new information so our care stays years, if not decades ahead of cultural norms. We don't wait around for culture to change it's mind after science discovers new evidence. We pivot quickly and stay at the forefront of understanding in the field of healthcare

5. We are both proactive and reactive. It's valuable to address problems quickly and effectively, but it's priceless to prevent those problems in the first place. With a growing awareness of trending family illness and genetic disposition, people prefer to take action now rather than wait to see what happens. We not only have comprehensive protocols to help you recover from illness, but also to prevent specific illnesses as well. 

6. We recognize the body's innate intelligence and natural ability to heal itself, so we focus on working with the body rather than against it. Our goal is to remove any interference with this capacity and support it to the maximum. 

7. Ever show up at your scheduled appointment time, and still wait an hour to see the doctor? We keep a small waiting room because your visits start on time. Ever been frustrated because the doctor obviously didn't read your chart, and you had to explain everything to them that you already spent time describing in your paperwork? We receive your paperwork ahead of time so we can review your chart in it's entirety before you come in. This effectively triples your quality time with the practitioner. 

Services you may experience in our Primary Care program:

Comprehensive Wellness Exam

Annual Exams & Blood Work

Sick Visits

Office Visits

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