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Primary Care Doctor in San Antonio, TX

Primary Care Doctor San Antonio

The most common situation in a standard medical office usually goes something like this: a patient isn’t feeling well and makes an appointment.  He or she is scheduled at the same time as 10 other patients, likely due to the fact that so many people are living stressed lives and not taking adequate care of themselves while at the same time the medical office recognizes there will be a number of no-show patients and they need to keep their schedule full.  The patient arrives at the office, usually a cold, sterile, closed off space, wherein they complete a few forms and sit for almost 30 minutes prior to seeing their doctor.  After taking vitals, the patient is placed in a room to sit and wait another 15-20 minutes.  Finally, the doctor arrives, however, due to his schedule, he can spend no more than 7-9 minutes, on average, with each patient.  This is just enough time for the patient to share his or her complaint and the physician to run through a number of possible prescription medication remedies for the patient’s concern.  Then the patient pays at checkout and may stop by a pharmacy within the next day or two.

The practice of medicine has largely changed due to pharmaceutical medications being advertised on TV (only in the United States and New Zealand is this even permitted), and some patients even self-diagnose and may ask for medications they think will make them feel better.  In many instances, a doctor will comply with the request because he’s only got 7-9 minutes with each patient and medications are a lot easier to utilize rather than spending time with the patient and counseling him or her on real solutions to their health problems.

At Hansen Health Solutions, we care about realizing a solution that is not based on medication for life, one in which several practitioners work together as a team to keep you and your family healthy and able to make informed decisions on treatments that are not only safe and effective but also mitigate negative repercussions such as those seen as common side effects of medications.  We have made efforts for years to engage with practitioners from other facilities to support shared patients but have been, for the most part, unsuccessful because the other physicians have not made it a priority to work with us on patient cases.  This is why we came up with a unique solution to have all of your healthcare needs, except in cases of true medical emergencies, under one roof.  Our goal is to have each patient meet with each practitioner so we can have the complete picture and cover the various scopes of healthcare practice to give the utmost benefit to each patient who comes through our doors.  Our team routinely meets and discusses patient cases to put all of our combined knowledge together to put forth the best approach to helping each patient with his or her unique needs, taking into account multiple factors that no other facility of physician would otherwise even have the time to think about.

If you are looking for a medical care center that has a holistic approach to medicine. Call and schedule an appointment today! 


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